Alerts for Brisbane region.

View in Google Earth

View in Google Maps

Which option should I choose?

Google Earth is definitely our recommended option. Hazard markers will be coloured for easy identification and all the features and functions of Google Earth will be available to you, including 3D.

You will need to have Google Earth installed and then open the file with Google Earth when prompted. If you have not yet installed Google Earth you can do so here.


Google Maps is definitely a secondary option and should only be used if you cannot run Google Earth for some reason. In Google Maps all markers are the same colour and many other advanced features will not be available to you.

To learn more about viewing options please click here.


Please tell us what you think

This is an entirely voluntary project which takes heaps of time to put together. But we can keep it going with your encouragement!

Please tell us what you think about it, how you use it and what we could do better! Please message us here.

Thank you!